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Tomorrow's Woman is a drug and alcohol rehabilitation home for women of all ages.  We specialize in the care of those who are dependent on drugs and alcohol. Program guests are housed in our facility for long term care with one on one and group guidance.      Tomorrow’s Woman offers a bonding experience with those who are on the same path of recovery.


We are a private, 12 month, residential recovery program for women suffering from drug or alcohol addictions; by using the 12-step method, and by getting to the bottom of the issues that all addicts face. We are Parole Board Approved, certified by the Georgia Association of Recovery Residences (GARR), and a member of the Spalding County Collaborative Authority.   


Potential residents in need of our services will be given an evaluation to develop an individualized plan to support their needs. The program includes a clean and safe living environment. Services and activities shall help to improve economic conditions and assistance to regain or restore self-sufficiency.


We are located in Griffin, Georgia and less than an hour from Atlanta.

Our Offerings

We offer meetings, recovery solutions, counseling and coping techniques.

Our Mission

At Tomorrow's Woman, we strive to help women overcome alcohol and substance abuse with compassion.


My name is Raquel, a grateful recovering alcoholic, and this is my story. Since childhood, I felt like I didn't belong anywhere, not with my family or in school with other children.


When I learned to read, I found my escape in the world of books. As an adult , social drinking became my comfort and slowly I descended into alcoholism. After several failed attempts on my life, I decided to enter long term treatment.  At Tomorrow's Woman,  I began a journey of self discovery. I learned to deal with my shame issues, my co dependence, and reconnected with my inner child. I discovered a world of people just like me. I was also introduced to Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous. Attending these meetings regularly, and working a Twelve Step program are now a very important part of my life. Today I'm well on my way on the road to recovery. With a new outlook on life, I am now employed at Tomorrow's Woman, Inc. By sharing my experience, strength, and hope with other women struggling with addiction, I can give back what was freely given to me.  


Tomorrow's Woman can help women who want freedom from addiction and to begin a new way of life. Today, I live my life based on this paradox: " You can't keep what you have unless you give it away." My gift as Director of this program is that by helping others, I will continue to enjoy  my new life free from addiction.




                                                                     Raquel M. Oliveira

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Raquel Oliveira
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