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Tomorrow's Woman  is a private, 12 month, residential recovery program for women suffering from drug or alcohol addictions; by using the 12-step method, and by getting to the bottom of  the issues that all addicts face. We are Parole Board Approved and a member of the Spalding County Collaborative Authority.  

Our Schedules and Meetings
Meeting Schedule


Monday- Primary Purpose - AA 7:00 PM

Tuesday - Journey Home - NA 7:00 PM

Wednesday (Mandatory)  - House Concern Meeting - 6:30 PM

(In house class - 7:00 PM)

Thursday - Freedom Depot - NA 6:30 PM or Spiritual Awakenings - NA 8:00PM                

Friday - Journey Home - NA 8:30 PM

Saturday - Primary Purpose - 5:30 PM  or Turning Point - NA 7:00 PM                 

Sunday ( Optional) -  Primary Purpose - 5:30 PM, Freedom Depot - 6:30PM 

or Turning Point - 7:00PM


Daytime Meetings for night shift

Monday - Turning Point - NA 12:00 PM

Tuesday  - Turning Point - NA 12:00 PM

Wednesday - Solutions - AA 1:00PM

Thursday - Solutions - AA 1:00PM or Turning Point - NA 12:00

Friday - Solutions - AA 1:00PM

Saturday - Turning Point - NA 12:00PM


 We're also affiliated with McIntosh Trails and Pathways Behavior Health Centers for counseling, substance abuse classes, parenting classes and anger management classes.

Our Meetings and
Support Groups
Primary Purpose
Journey Home
Freedom Depot
Turning Point
Concern Meeting​
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